CRMLogiq is designed specifically for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to enhance their trading businesses. With its key features and affordable pricing, CRMLogiq is an excellent tool for businesses to improve their sales process and increase their revenue.

Key Features
Customer and supplier data management: CRMLogiq may allow businesses to store and manage information about their customers and suppliers in a centralized database. This could include details such as contact information, purchase history, and communication logs.

Transaction processing: CRMLogiq may provide tools to help businesses manage the entire transaction process, from initial lead capture to final payment processing. This could include features such as lead management, quote generation, order processing, and invoicing.

Task management: CRMLogiq may allow businesses to assign and track tasks related to customer or supplier interactions, such as following up on leads or responding to support requests.

Analytics and reporting: CRMLogiq may offer built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to help businesses gain insights into their customer and supplier relationships, such as sales trends and customer satisfaction ratings.

Integration with other systems: CRMLogiq may integrate with other business systems, such as accounting software or marketing automation tools, to provide a more comprehensive view of customer and supplier interactions across the organization.


Travel Management Software is specifically designed to assist travel agents, tour operators, destination management companies, and travel agencies in effectively meeting their customers' needs. This comprehensive travel software solution includes integration with online booking technology, providing end-to-end solutions for travel and hotel reservations, operations, back-office tasks, contracts, and distribution systems.

Additionally, the software is equipped with highly advanced intelligence tools that enable a better understanding of customers' needs, allowing for the creation of targeted promotional campaigns tailored to their specific requirements.

Key Features
Our Travel Management Software offers multiple channels for selling travel products, such as B2C, B2B, and API XML Integration. By leveraging our advanced software, you can showcase and sell an extensive range of travel products, such as
- Hotel reservations,
- City tours,
- Transfers, and both
- Static and dynamic holiday packages.

Our team of professionals specializes in creating customized Flight Booking Systems, offering a complete IT solution for travel businesses. Our Flight Booking System includes a range of services, such as a
- Flight search option that supports round-trip and one-way flights,
- Flight reservations,
- Seat upgrades,
- Flight cancellations, and a- Flight quotation booking system.

The integration of GDS services has played a significant role in the success of online travel portals and the expansion of the travel industry. GDS serves as a vital reservation tool for online travel agencies, enabling them to provide their customers with real-time access to hotel inventory, flights, rental cars, tours, and other services.

We have a team of experts who can assist you in integrating travel portal APIs with GDS integration services provided by

- Galileo,
- Amadeus,
- Sabre,
- Travelport

We help your online travel agency enhance its customer base and generate more revenue on a global level.


The world of education is on the verge of a transformative change with the adoption of school management systems, just like how the implementation of CRM software revolutionized sales processes worldwide and elevated the standards of customer relations. With the development of school management apps, education is becoming increasingly mobile and unrestricted by physical location.

Key Features of school management systems vary depending on the type of user.

For Teachers
They can benefit greatly from school management systems as they help eliminate tedious administrative tasks and save time. With automation features, tasks such as creating lesson plans and taking attendance are simplified.

The software also streamlines the process of creating timetables by allowing teachers to collaborate online and use drag-and-drop functionality. Exam management is also automated, with student grade books being stored online for easy access. Teachers can simply input exam results, and the software will generate personal grade books automatically. Additionally, the software takes care of reporting by processing data on the learning process during courses and preparing necessary reports based on selected parameters.

For Students
School management systems also benefit students in several ways. Firstly, they help plan the learning process and remind students about upcoming exams and other school events, reducing stress and making the overall learning process less frustrating. The software also keeps all course information available and well-organized, which is helpful for students who tend to lose their class books and forget what was discussed in class.

Additionally, the timetable is easily accessible through the school mobile app, making it convenient for students to keep track of their schedules. Finally, with the software managing administrative tasks, teachers are able to focus more on the content they deliver, resulting in a more enjoyable and engaging learning experience for students.

For Parents
School management systems offer several benefits for parents.
Firstly, it makes communication between teachers and parents faster, easier, and more productive. Schools can also use automated SMS dissemination to update parents. Parents can communicate with not only teachers but also other parents, sharing feedback on the platform.

Secondly, the software provides parents with more control over their child's school life, with all information being centrally stored and easily accessible. Additionally, the software ensures the safety of children, with features like bus-tracking devices and biometric systems to monitor attendance and movements. Parents can also track the location of their child in real-time through mobile applications. Finally, school management systems make payments much more convenient, with attendance fees and due dates visible to parents in the system and payments easily made online.

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